Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dirty Confession

I'm a little nervous to use that as a post title now because I'm sure there are many things I could confess.  So there maybe be sequels.  Also, I don't want a bunch of crazy pervs to start following me.

It's my favorite time of the year - birthday party planning!  When it comes to birthdays, I'm one of those moms.  Well, not one of those those moms, I don't do $10,000 birthdays or anything - no hired bands or horses or renting out amusement parks.  I do, however, enjoy planning and having my kids' birthdays.  There seems to be a backlash lately over "Pinterest" moms and going overboard with kids activities and crafts.  I get it.  I guess some people might use it as some ammo in some invented mompetition.  I don't feel that way, its just something I enjoy doing.  A friend of mine enjoys keeping a clean house for her family.  I don't.  Sure, when she talks about her house I get a bit envious and maybe I snark for a second in my head.  I am sure my time would be better spent dusting, instead of trying to turn empty toilet paper rolls into a pirate.  I, however, enjoy this as an outlet for creativity though and as long as I'm not hurting anything (except for maybe our monthly budget) I'll keep on keepin' on.  And when my friend talks about mopping her floors two times a day to get all the Cheerios up, well, I try not to let that make me feel bad.

So there might be some party planning talk here.  And if I post any pictures you will probably see my dusty TV and Cheerio-encrusted floor in the background.  Try not to let that distract you from all the pirate-y goodness!

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