Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jumping in the Pool

Why blogging?  Why now?
Everyone I know (like all three people!) keep telling me to blog.  I've been reading blogs for a few years now and always think in blog posts anyway.  And unlike my husband, you can stop reading/listening at any point.  Shew, that ups the pressure to be witty, funny and relevant.  Now?  Because for once both kids are sleeping at the same time :)  I started, probably like many girls women (wait, we're in charge?  hide yo' children, hide yo' snacks!) my age, on wedding boards and have since moved not-very-far to mommy-blogs, kids activities, recipes, home design, book reviews and a few political/news-type writings.

Why Parenthetical Sara?
Well, most of my usual suspects of web names were used up (sarabean).  Mostly by people who posted one post back in 2005 (I know, I know, I'm late to this game) grrrr, smash, sigh.  So after months of trying to find the perfectly creative name that no one had taken yet (Smorgasblog I'm looking at you) I started punching in random things that I could literally see from where I was sitting.  And that is how I am sad to report that and are both taken (no judging!) (no, my laptop wasn't in the bathroom, I totally have an empty toilet paper roll on my table) (no comment on the leg hair, it was winter-time when I was doing this!).  Then, as a last resort, I tried introspection.  Little Miss Bossy?  Waiting for Naptime?  The Indoor Girl Scout (that one I actually created, but stalled on). Uhh, no go.  So then I landed on my annoying habit of sending very long emails or telling long stories with little reward at the end (then I found $20!).  Mostly because I type a sentence or tell a part and then want to make sure my receiver hasn't missed any backstory, nuance, tangent, aside, feeling or random thought.  And out come the parentheses.  Much to the dismay of the amateur grammarian in me, I've sometimes found that what comes between the ( ) is often longer than my original thought.

What kind of blog is this?
Probably another mommyblog.  Some quarter-life one-third life crisis.  Maybe some recipes or book reviews.  Probably some creative or crafty ideas.  Sometimes I have random thoughts about news stories or injustices.  I can tell you that there won't be any beautiful photography because I am not good at it, nor do I have the time or patience for it (but I can understand why you do!  It's fun!  And beautiful!  I get it, I just can't get into it).  I hope you'll join me anyway.

Crystal Ball
I hope to post regularly and not wait another three months.  Or three years.  I hope that people will find this and enjoy my random thoughts and musings and share their random thoughts and musings.  Even thought I can occasionally be sarcastic or snarky, I would like this to be a nice, comfy place (be kind), supportive (although I do plan to write about one mommy judgement I can't let go of), resourceful, humorous (you might have to do that part, the only thing I do that is funny is fall down).  So here it is, please join me.

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