Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Passive Aggressive

Dear Craigslister,
I am understanding now, by your third email, that you do not appreciate the way I have priced my item. You see, sir, that is the beauty of Craigslist.  This is currently my possession and I can price it the way I want.  You can choose not to buy it.  You can choose to get in contact with me, suggestion negotiations and make an offer.  You can also choose to send multiple emails that progress from sarcasm to ridiculousness to anger.  And again, it is my turn to choose.  I choose not to respond or reply to you at all so that you have no further way to contact me.  Had you made choice number two, I may have gladly negotiated with you, maybe even down to the sixth of the price that you offered.  Since I know that 1) my item is priced fairly competitively and 2) there are other similar items available in the same area, I'm guessing that your can't find anything in your price range and perhaps you should meditate on the old adage, you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.  Or something to that effect.
I Started Craigslisting at Night, But Not Last Night

Dear Local Library,
I love you. And your summer programming.  However, the hoops that I had to jump through yesterday to go see a speaker was crazy bordering on absurd.  There was a line (had to arrive one hour before show) to wait in a line to get tickets (available half hour before show) to wait in a line (for half hour) to mass stampede the conference room to SRO crowd for a kids program.  Plus keeping the kids relatively quiet and well-behaved for over an hour while the non-parent patrons glared on was incredibly frustrating.  Also, I know the point of the library programming is free programming, but having half a dozen preschools and summer camps hog all of the spaces is craziness.  A few chaperones minding 15 to 20 kids in a group of 200+ kids is madness.  Surely there has got to be a better way?
Taxpaying Parent Library Patron

Dear NBC,
American Ninja Warrior?  Have you completely given up on summer programming?
Former Loyal NBC watcher

Any passive aggressiveness you need to get out?  Unleash it!

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