Wednesday, June 13, 2012


First of all, I just let Pinterest suck another hour of my life away.  And I wasn't even pinning fun, new stuff.  I was ORGANIZING my old boards and making all of the titles and descriptions match.  There is so much wrong with that sentence.  First of all, I had a list of four crucial tasks to complete during naptime.  Pinning was not more important than 1) (finding and) Paying bills. 2) Doing another load of laundry. 3) Working for a bit on the party-planning that someone is actually paying me to do.  4) Writing thank you notes for the kids' birthday presents from the party that is oh, going on three weeks ago.  Agggg.  Also, doing some picture organizing, figuring out what the heck we are doing for a Father's Day gift and doing some dinner preparations would have fallen earlier on my list had I been looking at a list when I got sucked in.  Thirdly, I am having some kind of ridiculous existential crisis because I was trying to fill out a description for myself on the pinboard and I CAN'T THINK of one that is not overly cliched or cutesy.  Why do I let you do this to me Pinterest?  We might have to start seeing other people.

What are your time sucks?  Do you find Pinterest useful?  Am I the only unorganized OCD person on the planet?

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