Saturday, May 26, 2012

And then one day at the library my pants fell off

While we are talking numbers (see Six Seconds post) (Obvs I don't know how to make linky-s yet) I will share something personal that I probably won't talk about again.  I am absurdly proud of the fact that since I had Squish last year, I have lost 43 pounds.  Somewhere between 15 - 20 of that was my pregnancy weight.  Unfortunately another 20 of that was Bug's pregnancy weight.  So I'm down three pounds below my pre-any-pregnancy weight.  Hurrah!  Wait, that doesn't sound so exciting.  And that is, unfortunately, still 20 pounds over my wedding weight. But we are getting there.

Seriously though, it feels really amazing to weigh 40 pounds less.  I started working out in October and even though my docs tell me that weight loss is 90% food intake and 10% exercising, I know that my weight loss has been greatly affected by my working out.  I am uber-appreciative of the BHitW for helping me make it a priority to get to the gym.  As for food choices, I have been making small changes every few weeks.  I cut out soda (again) (except when I am eating Mexican and there is real Coke with real sugar - then its a small treat) around the first of the year and I really started dropping a few pounds.  Then I kicked my chocolate-covered raisin habit and my peanut butter filled pretzel habit.  Next up - my "sauce" habit.  I am a sauce-er - honey mustard, BBQ, ketchup.  I know this is just gratuitous calories, so I'm trying to cut back.  My husband does not sauce or dressing anything.  I am jealous of his restraint. 

Farther down on the list is my coffee creamer habit.  I know its bad.  I don't know what all chemicals are in there that make my coffee taste that sweet Italian cream deliciousness, but its going to be really hard to quit.  Plus, a cup of coffee in the morning and an iced coffee in the afternoon are my coping-with-crazy-kids mechanism.  So we shall see.  Anyway, my doc has told me that Weight Watchers is the only way that she knows of, short of surgery, for large amount, long-term, sustainable weight loss.  I am not anti-WW, but the idea of counting and keeping track of things gives me hives.  But if I stall out, which I am sort of at that point, then I will reevaluate.

So, to the juicy part.  None of my yoga pants are really staying up anymore.  Which, as a result of weight loss is ok, but really I don't have the funds to go out and replenish my yoga pants stash.  So Bug and I were at the library a few weekends ago when it started storming.  We park at the gym, go work out, and then walk over to the library and then back to our car.  I stuffed as many of the books as I could under my shirt, grabbed Bug's hand and started running for the five minute jaunt back to our car.  The weight of my water-logged yoga pants was too much for my shrinking waist and floop! my pants were on the ground.  Underpants in full visibility.  Right in front of a library window, where everyone was gathered to watch the storm.  Sigh.  No, I did not wake up from a dream at this point (this isn't the last episode of Roseanne!).  Yes, it is possible to be mortally embarrassed over the of thirty.

Anyone else accomplishing some goals lately?  Anyone have some reliable links re: the horrible-ness of coffee creamers?  Anyone else show a bunch of strangers their underpants?  Anyone ready to spill their most embarrassing moment?

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