Saturday, May 5, 2012

Inch by Inch

My daughter got a pair of shoes for Christmas that she loves.  I checked them a week or so ago to make sure they still fit.  Because last year we accidentally kept cramming her feet into too small shoes.  They grow out of those suckers fast!  Anyway, there was still space for her toes, so I didn't think anything else about it.  A few days ago my husband commented that Bug needed new socks because her feet were out-growing the ones she was wearing.  The same socks I just bought a month ago.  Next time she put on her red shoes, I checked the toes again and her feet were bulging against the toe of the shoe.  I'm thinking, is it even possible for her feet to grow like an inch a week?!  That is insane!  I immediately starting a hunt for new shoes in the next size, berating myself for letting this happen again. This morning Bug and I were leaving to go to the grocery store.  I picked up the red shoes because they were beside the door.  I put the sole of the shoe against sole of her foot and the shoe was still an inch or two longer than her foot.  What?  I reached in and found a pair of socks stuffed in the toe of each shoe.  Did my husband commit this insanity to combat his frustration that he can never find a pair of socks?  Did Bug do it when she was playing hide and seek with her figurines?  Her shoes still fit, but I can't figure out why her socks don't fit anymore.

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