Monday, May 14, 2012


We made less than $100, but more than $75 at the yard sale.  I'll take it.  I learned a lot about pricing and had a great time hanging with the fam and some friends in the front yard.  We kept the jewelry that didn't sell, one toy that I wasn't sure about anyway and the books and DVDs because the library will take those.  The rest went to the Salvation Army.  It is out of the house and although we still have too much stuff, it does feel better in here.  Chalk it up as success!

I worked out and fed people and had about two hours to myself on Mother's Day.  I don't know if I'll get another time to myself, but it was a good day and I enjoyed it, so I'll take that too :)  The BHitW helped the kids make me a picture frame and a mommy's treasure box that were awesome.  We were going to grill out for dinner, but then it rained, so order out it was!

Birthday party is this coming weekend so we are mad crafting this week.  I'll try to post things as they get made, but the memory card on my camera is full so the likelihood of that is slim.  I'll check in anyway.

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