Thursday, May 10, 2012

Want to Bring All the Boys to the Yard. Have No Milkshake.

We are yard sale-ing this weekend.  Our community does a yard sale every spring and we have always missed it, but this year we are in town, so sale-ing it is.  My neighbors looked at me like I was crazy and says no one comes.  Ahh, that would have been nice to know before I started cleaning everything out.  Actually, no.  I have used this yard sale as an excuse to go through every drawer, closet, toy bin, storage box and cabinet in our house.  I hate doing things like that, but I did it.  I am not a cleaner and I'm not the greatest organizer.  I do usually try to keep our main spaces and clothes relatively cleared out (I almost miss moving on a yearly basis in college for this purpose), but as for the other stuff, that is what the backs of closets and cupboards are for. And there is space!  Wonderous, uncluttered space!  Surrounded by piles of crap to clean and price.  I promised my husband that anything that doesn't sell is going straight to the back of his truck and off to the Salvation Army.  So either way, decluttering has been done.  Oh cleaning?  That is a whole a different story!

Have you had a successful yard sale?  What are the tricks?

P.S. - My husband thinks all of the clutter and extra stuff in our house in mine.  So even though he is the BHitW and he doesn't deserve it, I literally crowed a few times when I opened a tub and found his stuff inside (random stuff he has ordered off the internet - how many flying Woot monkeys do we really need?, an old box of high school clothes, etc).  Some of this crap isn't mine, hurrah!

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