Tuesday, July 10, 2012


All my stuff.  Diaper box is new.
So I think I mentioned that I went to my hometown a bit ago while my husband was at a conference.  Now that we have a house with adequate storage (hahahaha *deep breath* hahahahaha) an attic we can shove stuff in, I thought it was well past time I get the remainder of my crap out of my parents house.  I brought back one huge tub, three smaller tubs, a few shoe boxes, a trash bag full of decorative bulletin boards still tacked with a million pictures, tickets, etc, a jean backpack (stylin') and a strange satchel, all full of my shit circa 1978-1996.  *Attempting to insert picture for first time* My husband thought by dropping it all in the kitchen it would encourage me to go through it faster before we gently and lovingly place it in the attic.  He was wrong.  It's been a week and two days and its still there, our kitchen is in utter chaos, but I am going through it bit by bit.  I thought a long afternoon would do it, but that certainly hasn't given me enough time to reminisce, cringe, and laughsnort my way through everything.

I remember being a Goody Two Shoes in school, but as I was sorting through paperwork I found that I was clearly mistaken. 
detention slip

speeding ticket

parking ticket
I am particularly indignant about the detention.  I DID NOT misbehave.  I made it through elementary school without ever getting my name on the board, much less checks beside it.  I was in French class and the girl sitting next to me asked me something about an assignment and I was explaining it to her.  I thought I was being a helpful classmate!  The speeding ticket came right after my friend got a new car and we took it for a spin.  I was going 70 in a 55.  O_O  We tried to hide in a neighbor's drive way.  It didn't work.  The parking ticket was the first of many "gifts" I received from the office of parking services at my university.  I think its funny that two of these happened on the preanniversary (can I just make words up?  Yes, apparently I can) of my wedding.

Alright, got to get back to sorting.  I know you can't wait to check out my epic NKOTB collection so have to go get to it and snap some pics of that!

Do you still have stuff at your parents' house?  Were you a high school delinquent? 

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