Wednesday, July 18, 2012

From Inside My Brain - Childhood Edition

These are thoughts I remember having at any certain point in time from thirty years ago until about college.  These aren't memories from stories; I can actually remember them going through my brain.

About age 2.5 - "Start fussing between when the first time Grandma and Papaw say they are leaving and when they put their coats on and they will take me with them to spend the night."

About age 3 - *After watching a McGruff safety commercial while mom was getting ready for work*  "Mommy's purse is just sitting there on the table.  I should lock it in the bathroom so no one steals from her."  *I locked her keys and wallet into a bathroom with a curling iron that was on.  Saying she was pissed off would be stating it mildly.*

About age 4 - "Mommy loves to dust.  I bet if I sprinkle baby powder down this entire flight of stairs she will so excited!"

It's a wonder I made it through childhood.

About age 10 - "I wonder how to draw those cool squiggles from the flags in the movies dad is always watching" (swastikas - yikes!  No wonder he reacted so strongly when I asked).

About age 13 - "Watermelon bubble gum is the best tasting thing on earth.  I don't understand why anyone would ever chew boring mint-flavored regular gum." 

About age 16 - "Forrest Gump looks like a terrible movie.  Poor Tom Hanks, he is such a nice guy, but I bet this movie ruins his acting career."

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