Friday, July 20, 2012

Shhh, I'll let you in on my lazy parenting secret

So I think I'm a fairly good parent.  I research upcoming milestones and developmental stages, make plans with my husband to be consistent, buy any gadgets needed.  I try my best to make what I feel are positive decisions for them (these are just OUR decisions, no negativity towards other parenting decisions) which for us involved breastfeeding, no HFCS, attempting on water or milk to drink, making my own baby food, buying what I can organic, etc.  I couldn't get my husband on board with cloth diapering and my babies are late-spring babies and I found babywearing to be just too hot.  But other than that we are fairly crunchy.

**taking off imaginary mom medal**

I let my kids watch TV.  Probably too much TV.  I adore my children and I'm glad that we are able to make it so I can stay home with them, but I don't think stay-at-home parenting is my calling.  So when it gets to be too much for me (coughcougheveryotherhourorso) I turn on the screen.  No one has ever commented here so I'm not superworried about this turning into a minefield of TVBAD comments, but I know, I've read the research and been lectured by our pedi.  Anyway, enough with all of this heated, but boring talk.  Here it is, my little secret...

I put on the show they want to watch.  But I turn the TV volume down really low.  Almost barely audible.  I find this a win-win-win.  I don't have to be blasted by annoying children's show music.  And the kids either have to 1) settle down and watch the show quietly or they can't hear it or 2) they get bored and wander away and use their own little imaginations to play (yes, I know even TV on in the background is bad.  Let it go people).  If they even identify that the sound is too low, I shrug and point at the remote indicating this thing is broken, take what you can get (no lectures on taking responsibility for my decisions either, gah, ya'll are strict!).  If they come and interrupt my bon bon eating diligent cleaning, I tell them their show is on, they can either watch it, or it gets turned off for the day.  Or they can help me clean. 

Other than letting their brains be eaten by the hynotic trash, it seems to be a win all around.  Except maybe I should take Jersey Shore off the watching list.  Just kidding.

Do you have any parenting downfalls?  Do your kids watch TV?  Anyone else think its weird there is some kind of Fresh Beat Band/Yo Gabba Gabba war going on? 

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